HeidiSongs.tv Practice Corner makes sight word review quick and efficient!

New: HeidiSongs.tv Practice Corner for Quick Sight Words Review

As teachers, we always seem to be short on time for everything.  But we’ve come up with a solution for helping you review sight words quickly and efficiently:  it’s our HeidiSongs Practice Corner!

The Practice Corner:  A Quick Way to Review Sight Words You’ve Already Taught

Our HeidiSongs Practice Corner allows you to review the sight words and their spellings QUICKLY without playing the entire video!  We have edited each sight word video down to just the most important section so you can easily review lots of words in just a few minutes!  The videos read the word, then quickly play only the most essential section of the song.

At the moment, the Practice Corner is only available to those who subscribe to HeidiSongs.tv for the full access price of $9.99 per month. 

What’s the Difference?

These are the very same videos you already know and love, but they have been edited to play only part of each one. 

  • Each song has a shortened “intro” that displays the word and reads it but does not spell it. 
  • The spelling part is within the music only.
  • There is no “outro”, so many of these video snippets seem to end abruptly.  
  • Each video averages about 20 seconds.  The longest is about 40 seconds; the shortest is nine seconds.

Efficient Review:  Three Words Per Minute

With this format, you could review three words in just one minute, especially if you put them into a playlist so that the videos move quickly from one to the next. You could even play only the first part and then forward it to the next song on your list.  Just take a look!





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Making a Playlist Just Got Easier!

We’ve updated how to make a playlist so that it is even easier and quicker than before!  Not only that, there is only a two to three-second delay between videos!  It goes so fast, that I had a hard time starting and stopping my stopwatch, LOL!

How to Make a Playlist

To make a playlist, just click on the “Show Playlist Options” tab.  Then click the box next to any video that you want to include in the list.  Then click “Save Playlist.”  This goes so quickly that you could probably do it while the kids wait.

How to make a playlist on HeidiSongs.tv.

How to change the order on a HeidiSongs.tv playlist.


To start a song on the playlist, just click the green triangle next to the title of the song in that playlist.  You can even put it on repeat by clicking on the “Repeat” box!  Just remember one thing:  make sure Autoplay is OFF, or the system will play ALL of the songs in order and will disregard your playlist.  The Autoplay box is on the right-hand side of the screen.

Edit a Playlist Any Time

  • Just click the red X to remove a video.
  • Change the order of the videos by clicking the up or down arrows next to any song.
  • Add another new video by clicking on the green “Show Playlist Options” button again.  The list of videos with boxes will appear again, and you can add a new one or take one away by clicking on the box, just like before.

We hope that this helps you save time in the classroom and improve student outcomes.  We would LOVE to hear what you think!  So let us know!  You can find me (Heidi) on Facebook and Instagram and chat about it directly.  I’m retired now, after all!

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