Brain Breaks in the Classroom – DannyGo!

How I use Brain Breaks in the Classroom


Raise your hand if you love DannyGo! I can confidently say this is true for both my classroom and my own kids at home. Did you know that DannyGo has new songs launching this year on Brain breaks for everyone! Whether your kids like to “Dig in the Dirt” or “Twist and Shake”, you just can’t go wrong with our good friend Danny. Here’s how I utilize this awesome resource in my classroom.

Danny Go! in the classroom for a Brain Break

The BBB – Bonafide Brain Break

We all know and love a good BBB. Everyone is squirrely, you’re not quite done with a lesson and you need to hold everyone’s attention for a few more minutes! Throw on The Monkey Dance and let the kids have full reign of the room.. You’ll have 2 minutes and 12 seconds of absolute chaos, and then they’ll sit back down and everyone can move on with their lives.

Danny Go! - The Monkey Dance!

The Dance Party

Every Friday in my class, we have a dance party before lunch! Of course, DannyGo! takes center stage without fail. It is the best. Everyone looks forward to it, and it is a simple and no-prep way to wrap up the week with a whole lot of fun.

The Color Dance Game!

The Incentive

You can do this in a few different ways. Maybe your class has something they are working for. If your class can earn a compliment from another staff member while walking to the library, they earn a specific song. Pick the crowd favorite and make it your song of the week. Refer back to it several times throughout the week to send a clear reminder of what you are working toward.
Another way I like to do this with my class is by letting them know that, at a specific time, we will do “Fire and Ice Freeze Dance” (or whatever their favorite is). However… they have to earn it. If your class behavior is worthy of the crowd favorite, then you can celebrate. If they don’t earn it, we’ve got to try again tomorrow. DannyGo is just THAT powerful. He can help you with your classroom management!

Danny Go! - Fire & Ice Freeze Dance

The Timekeeper

One of my favorite ways to use DannyGo is as a timer. When it is time to clean up, get the attention of your class and use the code word “the floor is lava” to let them know that it is time to get the room back in tip-top shape! Put the song on (I like to leave the projector off so they are just listening) and see if your class can get cleaned up AND be seated back in their spots by the time he says everyone’s favorite part “Hey, don’t forget to subscribe!” That’s just over three minutes of work time.

Danny Go! - The Floor is Lava

However you decide to use your DannyGo songs for brain breaks, we are here for the journey. Let us know your best tips and tricks and we will share the best ones! We can’t wait to see where all those little brains take us this year. Happy new school year!

With lots of love,
Miss Kim

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